Always Fresh, always Homemade.

Our Story

Arabella’s Menu is fresh, homemade and locally sourced American and Latin classic breakfast and brunch dishes. Our goal is friendly home town service with ticket times under 10 minutes from ticket to table. Our brunch cocktails and espresso drinks are hand crafted. Our guests can embark on the day ahead with good local food and a memorable enjoyable relaxing experience. Whether you want a leisurely meal or food to go, checkout Arabella’s. Our Express Menu focuses on quick service for people on the go. We will have about 8 fresh homemade options that will be served with your choice of coffee or tea included in the price. They will be ready within 5 minutes from the time the ticket is printed.


Whether you’re just passing through or a long time resident of this amazing town, we’d love to meet you. There’s room at our table for everyone. Learn more about the Arabella Story